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iRubric: SAM Animation Projects rubric

iRubric: SAM Animation Projects rubric

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SAM Animation Projects

  Derived from rubric: SAM Animation Projects
built by pillery

Rubric Code: KC65AC
Students will be using SAM Animation for various projects.
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Keywords: animation
Categories: Subjects: Computers  
Types: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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• Storyboard detailed and very easy to read and follow. <BR>
• Much planning is apparent, with regards to background preparation, assigning tasks(if working in groups), and/or other aspects of pre-animation production.

• Storyboard is mostly easy to read and follow. <BR>
• A reasonable amount of planning is evident however some essential elements were not presented prior to animation.

• Storyboard is too general. <BR>
• Little planning is evident. More detail is required before animation can be carried out effectively.

• Sets/Characters/Props are exceptionally designed and cleverly communicate the concept of the animation. <BR>
• Sets/characters/props are superbly intuitive, visually stimulating, and imaginative creating a sense of realism. <BR>
• Much thought, time, and attention in the finest details is evident and ultimately enhances the overall animation.

• Sets/Characters/Props are well designed and communicate the concept of the animation well. <BR>
• Sets/characters/props are visually stimulating and help create a sense of realism to the animation. <BR>
• Good amount of thought, time, and attention to details is evident and help to enhance the animation.

• Sets/Characters/Props lack creative design and provide little value to the animation. <BR>
• Sets/characters/props provide minimal visual stimulation and do not compliment the animation. <BR>
• Not enough thought, time, and/or attention to detail is evident.
Organization of Content

All content is logical, intuitive, and expressed through student’s own words. <BR>
• Subject knowledge is evident throughout and all information is accurate, appropriate, and clear. <BR>
• Student uses interesting sequence of scenes and actions. <BR>
• Entire animation is clear from beginning to end.

• Almost all content is in student’s own words and requires few corrections. <BR>
• Subject knowledge is evident in much of the animation and information is accurate, appropriate, and clear. <BR>
• Most scenes and actions are presented in a logical manner. <BR>
• Storyline is easily followed throughout animation.

• Less than half of the content is in student’s own words and requires many corrections. <BR>
• Some subject knowledge is evident however some information is confusing, incorrect, or flawed. <BR>
• Some logic to the sequence of scenes and actions are evident but not easily followed throughout animation.
Animation: Creativity & Originality

• Creativity is evident in the use of ideas, applications, and/or different materials used. <BR>
• Animation is fresh, original, inventive, and captures audience’s attention. <BR>
• Student also incorporated excellent usage of audio features such as sound effects and/or music.

• There is some evidence of creativity in some of the ideas but not consistent throughout animation. <BR>
• Good use of originality and inventiveness.<BR>
• Animation offers new insights and captures audience’s attention.

• Creativity is lacking as it is evident that student took the quickest and easiest route in creating the animation. <BR>
• There is little evidence of thought or inventiveness. Animation does not capture audience.
Animation: Frame Speed/Timing

• The overall animation/frame speed is very well paced to enable clear viewing. <BR>
• Completes the project well in advance of the allowed class time.

• The animation is good, though frame speeds seem to either drag on OR need to be slightly longer to address. <BR>
• Completes the project within the class time allowed.

• The animation seems to be in need of more editing on frame speed. <BR>
• Student rushes to complete the project within the class time allowed.

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