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iRubric: Personal Essay Rubric

iRubric: Personal Essay Rubric

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Personal Essay Rubric

  Derived from rubric: Personal Essay Rubric
built by dlanza13

Rubric Code: K6CW2X
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Keywords: (None)
Categories: Subjects: English  
Types: Writing  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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Personal Narrative

The main idea of the paper is clear. The essay is interesting even memorable. The writer develops ideas in-depth, shows understanding of or insight about the topic. The writer is selective, including details that hold a reader's attention throughout the piece.
Very Good

The paper makes sense from beginning to end. It is clear-never confusing. The writer relatess enough about the topic to do a thorough job. The paper contains many interesting details.

The reader can identify the writer's main idea. The writer develops some insights/ knowledge of the topic;more would enrich the paper. The writing includes some interesting details-enough to make the reader wish for more.

It is fairly easy to identify the main idea. Some details are unclear/do not seem to enhance the main idea. Sometimes the writer tells, rather than shows what he/she knows;at other times not at all
Needs Significant Improvement

The main idea is hard to determine. The paper lacks clarity. The writer does not appear to have a clear idea or know much about topic. Details are sketchy or absent. The paper is simple.
Not Evident

This paper has no main idea. The writing consists mainly of random thoughts. The reader cannot extract anything meaningful. It is all but impossible to summarize this writing.
Body Paragraphs

The writer focuses on developing the narrative. The pattern is suited to the topic, purpose, and audience. The intro engages the reader's attention and the conclusion is strong.
Very Good

The writer seldom wanders from the main points. The pattern fits the topic, purpose, and audience. The intro is appealing, and the conclusion works well.

The writer may meander briefly, but not enough to distract/ confuse the reader. The pattern works most of the time. The intro and conclusion are fairly standard but functional.

The writer wanders from the main point, confusing the reader. The pattern is not well suited to this topic, purpose, or audience. The intro and conclusion are present; one or both need work.
Needs Significant Improvement

Lack of order confuses the reader. The pattern is very distracting- or there is no pattern. The intro and conclusion are missing or need work.
Not Evident

The text is a disjointed collection of random thoughts. There is no identifiable structure or pattern. There is no real intro or conclusion.
Sentence Fluency
Subj/Pred- Eliminate fragments and
Transition Words

The writing is smooth, natural, and easy to read. Virtually every sentence begins differently; sentences vary in length.
Very Good

The writing is smooth and easy to read. Many sentences begin differently; variety in sentence length is noticeable.

The writing is easy to read in most places. A few sentences are choppy. Some sentences begin differently; there is some variety in sentence length.

The writing is sometimes easy to read. Choppy sentences, run-ons, or fragments necessitate some revising. Sentence beginnings tend to be alike; sentences tend to be of equal length.
Needs Significant Improvement

Choppy sentences, run-ons, or fragments make the writing difficult to follow. Many sentences begin the same way; most are of equal length. This piece is hard to read.
Not Evident

The writing is consistently difficult to follow. Choppiness, run-ons, or fragments abound.
Sentences consistently begin with the same word or phrase, or it is hard to tell where they begin. Sentence length show little or no variation.
The way the writer brings the topic to life.

This voice is as individual. The reader will want to read this. The writing is passionate and compelling. The voice is perfect for the purpose and audience.
Very Good

This voice is individual-probably recognizable if the reader knows the writer. The writing shows strong feelings and is appealing to read. It has a lot of energy. The voice is suitable for the audience and purpose.

This voice is distinctive, if not unique. Passion, energy, or strong feelings are evident in some places. The voice is acceptable for the audience and purpose, but it could use refining.

This is a functional, sincere voice, though not especially distinctive. Moments of passion, energy, or strong feelings are rare. The voice may not seem quite right for the purpose or audience.
Needs Significant Improvement

The voice is not at all distinctive. It does not stand out. The writer sounds bored. The voice does not seems appropriate for the purpose or audience.
Not Evident

This voice is difficult to find, identify, or describe. Lack of voice means that the reader probably will not be engaged and want to read the entire piece. No energy/excitement comes through. The voice is missing.
Details/Word Choice
Appropriate use of parts of speech
Expanded vocab

The writing is clear, striking, original, and precise. The writer uses powerful diction to enliven writing. Figurative language/details/imagery enhance meaning. The writing is concise.
Very Good

The writing is clear and often original. The writer uses consistently includes strong diction. Figurative language/Imagery adds detail. The writing is reasonably concise; a word or phrase here and there could be cut.

The writing is clear in most cases. Some words or phrases are vague and confusing. The writer is inconsistent in strong diction. Figurative language is present only occasionally, but could be added for effectiveness.
Some writing is concise; wordy moments are noticeable.

The writing is often unclear, misleading, or vague, though the main idea comes through. The writer overuses/repeats diction. Figurative language is minimal or else overused. The writing may be short, but , it is not necessarily concise. Some clutter is evident.
Needs Significant Improvement

Many words and phrases are misused, vague, or unclear. The writer's main message is not clear. Parts of speech are misused or missing. Figurative language is minimal or absent. Word use may be skimpy or cluttered; either way, meaning is hard to determine.
Not Evident

Words and phrases are vague, confusing, or misused. Parts of speech are missing. Figurative language is minimal or absent. Word use is basic and unclear.

The essay is virtually error-free. The writer uses conventions skillfully to clarify meaning. The writer shows control over a wide range of conventions for 12th grade. This piece is ready to publish.
Very Good

The essay contains a few minor errors. The writer shows control over many conventions appropriate for 12th grade. This piece is ready to publish with minor changes.

Several minor errors; these errors do not impair meaning. The writer uses conventions with enough skill to keep the text readable. The writer shows control over many conventions appropriate for 12th grade. Some editing is needed before publishing.

Noticeable, distracting errors begin to make the text hard to follow or understand. Errors are sufficiently serious to impair readability in spots. Errors detract significantly from content. Thorough, careful editing is needed before publishing.
Needs Significant Improvement

Many serious errors make this essay hard to follow. Serious errors consistently impair readability. Writer appears to know a few conventions, but is not in control of them. Significant editing is required.
Not Evident

Serious, frequent errors make this text very difficult to read or understand. The reader must search to find conventions that are handled correctly. This writer does not appear in control of many conventions appropriate for 12th grade. Careful, word-by-word editing/proofreading is required before publishing.
Bromfield Formatting

Bromfield's Rules of formatting are followed completely. No Errors.
Very Good

One or two minor errors in following Bromfield's rules of formatting.

Three or four errors in following Bromfield's rules of formatting.

Several errors in formatting that detract from overall quality of formal submission.
Needs Significant Improvement

Major errors that significantly detract from final submission
Not Evident

Little to no adherence to Bromfield's formatting. Unpolished, unprofessional.

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