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iRubric: Writing Rubric - Recount for Stage 1 Year 1 & Year 2

iRubric: Writing Rubric - Recount for Stage 1 Year 1 & Year 2

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Writing Rubric - Recount for Stage 1 Year 1 & Year 2 built by JuliaBrennan

Rubric Code: K56684
This rubric is to measure the expectations in Grade 1 for a simple recount.
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Categories: Subjects: English  
Types: Writing  
Grade Levels: K-5

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  Below Standards
1 pts
Approaching Standards
2 pts
Meets Standards
3 pts
Exceeds Standards
4 pts
Below Standards

Has no clear orientation.
Approaching Standards

The writing orients the recount but does not include all - who, when and where.
Meets Standards

The writing orients the recount to who, when and where with some detail.
Exceeds Standards

The writing cohesively orients the recount to who, when and where.
Record of events and language
Below Standards

Events are not sequenced in order and do not connect.
Only a few simple ideas are connected to the topic.
Approaching Standards

The writing is structured with only a brief sequence of events after the orientation.
Ideas not connected clearly.
Simple ideas are sometimes connected.
Meets Standards

The writing is structured with sequence of events following the orientation in some detail.
Ideas are connected to the topic.
Exceeds Standards

The writing is well structured with detailed sequence of events after the orientation.
Includes well-developed ideas connected to the topic.
Below Standards

No evidence of reorientation and no personal comment.
Approaching Standards

Brief reorientation and personal comment.
Meets Standards

The end of the writing reorients to the original subject and includes a personal comment to conclude recount.
Exceeds Standards

Sentence structure
Below Standards

Purpose is not clear
Limited vocabulary
Same sentence stem is used repeatedly.
Does not use conjunctions.
No punctuation.
Approaching Standards

Purpose is just clear.
Some variety in the vocabulary.
Some variety in sentences but also some repetition.
Same conjunctions.
Not always using correct punctuation.
Meets Standards

Purpose is clear.
Excellent variety in the vocabulary
Several kinds of sentences are used.
Uses a variety of conjunctions.
Mostly uses correct punctuation.
Exceeds Standards

Purpose is clear and effective
Extensive vocabulary.
Style varies with different kinds of sentences.
Uses a variety of conjunctions.
Correct punctuation.
Below Standards

Seldomly uses the conventions.
Makes frequent errors in spelling.
Approaching Standards

Correctly uses some of the convention.s
Uses conventional spellings for familiar words and some phonetic spelling for more difficult words.
Meets Standards

Correctly uses most of the conventions.
Shows increased accuracy in spelling.
Exceeds Standards

Correctly uses all or almost all conventions.
Makes almost no errors in spelling.

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