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iRubric: Argument Essay rubric

iRubric: Argument Essay rubric

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Argument Essay

  Derived from rubric: Argument Essay
built by Gradd93

Rubric Code: H6W7C7
This rubric is for evaluating argument essays written by English 170 students.
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Categories: Subjects: English  
Types: Writing  
Grade Levels:

Powered by iRubric Argument Essay rubric
8 pts
Fair-Basic Communication
9 pts
Good-Effective Communication
10 pts
Very good-Creative Communication
12 pts
14 pts

The essay does not meet the criteria for the assignment. There is a reliance on stock formats with little or no creativity shown.
Fair-Basic Communication

The essay may be short on length. Basic ideas are communicated.
Good-Effective Communication

The essay is readable and interesting.
Very good-Creative Communication

Essay is interesting and highly readable. There are some interesting elements integrated.

Highly creative expression is used. Innovative presentation of ideas are used.
Quality of argument

Argument presented is lacking strong quality, has weak or no organization and logic.
Fair-Basic Communication

Argument presented has some organization and logic. The argument is somewhat appropriate for the audience.
Good-Effective Communication

Argument presented is of good quality, basically logical and organized. The argument is appropriate for the audience.
Very good-Creative Communication

Argument presented is of very good quality, is logical and well organized. The argument is appropriate for the audience.

Argument presented is of high quality with logical organization which adds to its strength. It is appropriately matched to the audience.

The essay does not achieve its goal.
Fair-Basic Communication

The essay communicates its side, but fails to convince the audience because the essay lacks enough support.
Good-Effective Communication

The essay begins to convince the audience, but needs more support.
Very good-Creative Communication

The essay uses strong evidence to support the thesis. The audience is convinced.

The author is nearly an expert at convincing an audience; more than enough support was given.

The author had little command of tone or voice.
Fair-Basic Communication

The author attempts to create a voice, but it is not consistant or not appropriate for the topic.
Good-Effective Communication

The author's tone of voice is fairly consistant and appropriate for the topic.
Very good-Creative Communication

The author has a strong tone of voice that supports the topic well.

The voice created is exceptional for the topic. The reader enjoys reading!
Grammar & punctuation

Grammar errors interfere with the reader's ability to easily read the essay.
Fair-Basic Communication

There are errors that interfere with the ability to follow the esay.
Good-Effective Communication

There are few errors, and the flow is readable.
Very good-Creative Communication

There are few, if any errors and great flow in sentences.

There are no grammatic or punctuation errors. Sentences are well constructed and flow well.
MLA Format

The MLA format is seriously lacking. Essay is less than 500 words.
Fair-Basic Communication

There are several MLA errors. Essay is less than 500 words.
Good-Effective Communication

There are a few MLA errors. Essay is at least 500 words.
Very good-Creative Communication

There are very few MLA errors. Essay is about 600 words.

The MLA format is well done. Essay is at least 750 words.
MLA Citations and Sources

The citations and sources included in this essay do not meet the standards of the assignment.
Fair-Basic Communication

The essay is either lacking in number of sources or has many issues with citations.
Good-Effective Communication

The essay is either lacking in number of sources or has several issues with citations.
Very good-Creative Communication

The essay is either lacking in number of sources or has minor issues with citations.

The essay includes the appropriate number of sources. Each source is correctly cited both internally and on the works cited.

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