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iRubric: Ryan Martel Participation- Self Grading Spring 2017 rubric

iRubric: Ryan Martel Participation- Self Grading Spring 2017 rubric

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Ryan Martel Participation- Self Grading Spring 2017 built by rmartel023

Rubric Code: GX8642W
Criteria for achieving a D and C have already been established by me and can not be changed, however you may add your individual criteria for a B grade, but are required to create your individual A criteria by building on the previous criteria. At the end of the semester you will evaluate and submit your participation grade.
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Keywords: (None)
Categories: Subjects: Public Administration   (General)  
Types: (Other)  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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  Poor = D
1 pts D: Set; Cannot be changed.
Fair = C
2 pts C: Set; Cannot be changed.
Good = B
3 pts B: Can include criteria bellow but must include your added criteria.
Excellent = A
4 pts A: Must include your added criteria with evidence of Awareness, Integrity, Authenticity, and Commitment.
Class Attendance
Poor = D

Missed 3 or more classes
Fair = C

Missed 2 or more classes
Good = B

Missed 1 or more classes
Excellent = A

Perfect attendance
Poor = D

makes spontaneous but uninformed comments, obvious that required pre-reading not completed.
Fair = C

Comments are informed but lack completeness of comprehensive preparation
Good = B

has read assigned material and relates comments to it
Excellent = A

Has read assigned material, and is prepared to explain ideas to the class.
Poor = D

mispronunciation, poor use of words, poorly organized ideas
Fair = C

Uses jargon, common expressions rather than appropriate technical terms
Good = B

clear and organized use of language, expresses ideas fluently, visual supplements
Excellent = A

Well versed, is easy to convey topics and ideas
Poor = D

Speaks too softly for all to hear, addreses only the instructor, monotone, upspeak
Fair = C

Inconsistent in presentation, needs reminding,variable style, mannerisms
Good = B

eye contact, address all of class, audible volume, interest & inflection in voice
Excellent = A

Thorough explanation of the given topics. Has the proper volume, pronunciation, and eye contact.
Frequency of participati
Poor = D

does not contribute or alternately dominates discussion
Fair = C

Irregularly participates
Good = B

initiates questions and comments
Excellent = A

Initiates questions and comments every day, is not afraid to say something others may disagree with.
Poor = D

Uses cliche's, mundane vocabulary, uses terms incorrectly
Fair = C

Inconsistent in use of proper terms
Good = B

demonstrates knowledge and accurate use of terms
Excellent = A

Uses uncommon vocabulary words in an attempt to convey messages in a clearer way.
Poor = D

defensive, demeans others' comments, talks over them, or disregards feedback
Fair = C

Is respectful and listens, but does not apply feedback
Good = B

accurately listens to and considers feedback from others
Excellent = A

Interested by what others say, and is not afraid to self-reflect off of others ideas.
Poor = D

restatement of readings or comments already offered
Fair = C

Unconventional ideas but may not be well thought out or practical
Good = B

presents novel view, different perspective, original approaches
Excellent = A

Shows the ability to think in a different and rational way, especially when explaining ideas. Uses real life examples of different ideas.
Poor = D

does not mention others or further develop ideas previously discussed
Fair = C

Implies contributions of others and bases argument on previous contributions
Good = B

builds on and relates to points made by other contributors,, harmonizes, summarizes,contrasts etc.
Excellent = A

Contributes to class discussion by building upon ideas brought up during open dialogues on a constant basis.
Poor = D

argues opinion or emotion without evidence
Fair = C

Provides weak or inconsistent evidence or reasoning
Good = B

gives evidence supporting assertions, argues logically, gives examples
Excellent = A

Gives rational reasoning for saying something. Backs ideas with relatable examples.
Relevance & value
Poor = D

tangential or pedantic
Fair = C

Contributes on portions or segments, but misses the big picture
Good = B

comments are pertinent to topic and add important facts and perspectives
Excellent = A

Comments during class directly relate to discussion points, and can relate to big picture ideas from the book.
Participation Outside Of Class
Poor = D

Never participated in announced outside activities (films, lectures, relevant volunteer work,etc) outside of class time.
Fair = C

Occasionally participated in announced outside activities (films, lectures, relevant volunteer work,etc) outside of class time.
Good = B

Frequently participated in announced outside activities (films, lectures, relevant volunteer work,etc) outside of class time.
Excellent = A

Participated in announced outside activities outside of class time all of the time.

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