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iRubric: Identifying The Theme - scoring guide rubric

iRubric: Identifying The Theme - scoring guide rubric

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Identifying The Theme - scoring guide built by rgomez3

Rubric Code: DX9XCB6
Scoring guide to measure how well someone has identified and explained a theme from a literary work.
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Keywords: theme
Categories: Subjects: English   Humanities  
Types: Reading  
Grade Levels: K-5

Powered by iRubric Identifying Theme
  i = incomplete, missing
1 pts
2 = basic, approaching proficient
2 pts
Level 3 - proficient
3 pts
4 - advanced
4 pts
The Theme Statement
i = incomplete, missing

incomplete, missing, vague, too short, not enough information
2 = basic, approaching proficient

You have identified an a possible topic that could be a theme, but you have not made a clear statement, e.g.:
" friendship" - but you need to clarify what the author is saying about the value of friendship?

AND/OR - the theme you tried to identify is based on just one section, part, or scene in the story, not the entire story
Level 3 - proficient

You have identified a key theme from this story, though your explanation was too specific to this one story, and/or not generalized enough to apply to other stories.
4 - advanced

You have identified a key theme from this story in a concise way, your theme statement could be used by others when examining other stories.
i = incomplete, missing

incomplete, missing, vague, too short, not enough information
2 = basic, approaching proficient

- you've given vague & general support, e.g.: the main character was angry - this is too vague, explain what they were angry about, what they said and did, and to whom, and why, and how this supports the theme.
- likewise, your support came from just one part of the story, you haven't shown how the theme is throughout the whole story.
Level 3 - proficient

- you've mentioned 2-3 events (things people said and did) from the story that connect to the theme you identified
4 - advanced

-the support you give are many (4+) specific events (things people said & did) throughout the whole story, and these events clearly relate to the theme you identified

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