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1 rubric Balancing Reactions Poster Project       popup preivew  
In this project, you will be creating a poster to teach the viewer how to balance chemical equations. Directions: 1. Layout your poster on the back of this page. 2. Write clear, simple instructions on how to balance a chemical reaction, using at least one reaction as an example. 3. Include a minimum of 3 chemical equations total. 4. You should use one of your equations for the viewer to solve (hide answers in a flip-up, etc.). 5. You may not use any chemical equations used by anyone else in the class. Check the lists to make sure that you aren’t duplicating someone else and then add your reactions to the lists. 6. Include the balanced answers to all of the equations. 7. Attach this sheet to the back of your poster. Bonus opportunity! • If one of your demonstrated equations contains one or more polyatomic ions. Remember to make your poster: ? easy-to-read (large, clear, uncluttered, writing) ? colorful & attractive ? neat ? informative

Grade Levels:   9-12  
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