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Tue 11/13/07 - 06:02 AM   rcallan: Hi David:Sorry, no raise today.
Tue 11/13/07 - 07:11 AM   dalazarchik: Rick, got your message but by a very roundabout way, very confusing system.
Fri 11/30/07 - 12:40 PM   rcallan: hello
Fri 11/30/07 - 12:40 PM   dalazarchik: this is crazy!
Fri 11/30/07 - 12:42 PM   rcallan: did you get this?
Mon 12/03/07 - 06:33 AM   Travis: I'm in!
Tue 12/11/07 - 10:44 AM   JRCoop: I made it this far!
Wed 12/12/07 - 06:47 AM   rcallan: I'm in...as far as I can tell
Wed 12/12/07 - 06:48 AM   jguinn: I'm in ...as far as I can tell
Tue 12/18/07 - 08:36 AM   bhammond: test message...
Wed 12/26/07 - 07:35 AM   shackman: It appears I am now officially in.

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